Is Open Relationship Better Than A Closed Relationship?

Is Open Relationship Better Than A Closed Relationship?

Commitment is not for all. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and so do relationships. There are a variety of relationships from romantic to situationship, from familial to sexual and so on. Similarly open relationship is a type of relationships. 

Were you searching about open relationships online? Want to know ‘what is an open relationship?’ Then you might have come across the right article that can provide you with answers to your questions. In this article we have talked about what an open relationship is. We have also discussed the benefits of being in an open relationship and the drawbacks of open relationships. 

If you want to know if an open relationship is for you or not and want to see if it’s better than a closed relationships, then read this article till the end. Now let’s start with what is an open relationship before learning about its benefits. 

What Is An open relationship?

 open relationship

An open relationship is when you have a consensual non-monogamous relationships. It is a type of intimate relationship where you can have different sexual partners while maintaining a primary relationship.  

Open relationships must be consensual from both sides and have the same rules applicable for both parties involved. To simplify what is an open relationship, let’s take two people who are in an open relationship. In this kind of relationship, both partners are each other’s primary intimate and emotional partners.  

At the same time, they have other sexual partners if they feel attracted to someone else while in the relationship. Both the partners have permission from each other to engage in sexual relationships outside their own relationship. 

An open marriage is when partners agree to be in a primary relationship while engaging with other people outside the marriage sexually. In open relationships there is always a primary partner while the other partners remain temporary. This is why an open marriage can function without having any problem as both partners consent to being in an open relationship along with being together. 

Open relationships do not come with exclusivity that is a prime factor in a closed relationship. An open relationship is the opposite of a closed one where partners must be each other exclusive intimate and emotional partners.  

An open relationship is a generalized term that can mean a non-monogamous relationships while dating, or in a marriage or in relationships in general.  

Types Of Open Relationships

An open relationship can have different styles or types. 

Multiple Partners 

You can have multiple partners in an open relationship but not necessarily all are sexual partners. 

Hybrid Relationship 

You can have hybrid relationships where one partner is non-monogamous while the other is monogamous.  


Another type of open relationship is swinging which means one or both partners engage in non-monogamous sexual activities with other open relationships couples. 

Benefits Of Being In An Open Relationship

Benefits Of Being In An Open Relationship

Now that you know ‘what is an open relationship?’ Let’s now talk about the benefits of being in an open relationship. Why open relationships are becoming more common in present times.  

Sexual Satisfaction 

The major benefit of having an open relationship is to satisfy sexual needs or kinks. Humans generally love intimate bonding and crave it through most of their life. When the couple has different sexual needs which they want to fulfill, then they openly communicate their needs.  

In open relationships, partners are allowed to express and fulfill their needs with consent. They do not need to hide their needs or have extra-marital relationships which can cause emotional distress for the partner. Instead, both partners when in an open relationships can look after their sexual needs.  

Strong Communication Skills 

So, when people question, ‘what is in an open relationship that people are opting for it?’ The answer is strong communication between partners which are often lacking in a closed relationship now days.  

In any open relationship or marriage, communication must be strong to make the arrangement or relationship last amicably. With strong communication couples can get across their needs to each other and successfully be in an open relationship.  

Open marriage couples or open relationships couples trust each other fully. Hence, they can negotiate their expectations and needs from the relationship.  

New Interests And Experiences Are Explored  

Relationships tend to lose passion as the years go on. To retain the fun and excitement in a relationship, open relationships immensely help couples find new interests. Freedom To Express Yourself Freedom is often lacking in a closed relationship.  

Some people love freedom and thrive in it. Some people love being in a relationship and don’t want to stay single. Open relationships offer both comfort of relationships and freedom to express one’s desire and sexuality.  

No Pressure On One Person To Fulfill Their Partner’s Every Need 

Every person has different sexual needs that they want to explore. In an open relationship you get to explore your interests and needs without pressuring your primary partner. You might not be comfortable exploring your every need and in a closed relationship you are left unsatisfied. But this can be avoided in open relationships. 

Problem Of Being In An Open relationship

Problem Of Being In An Open relationship 

Everything has its pros and cons similarly open relationships too have their pitfalls or problems.  


In an open relationships there is always a chance of jealousy from the partner. Since open relationships are so new and not much information is found and stigmatized to some level in society it can cause problems.  

Often in an open relationship one partner starts to feel jealousy of not being the exclusive person in the relationships which can cause a permanent end to the relationship. Self-esteem is also affected in people negatively.  

Emotional Pain  

Close relationships or committed relationships offer exclusivity which creates a sense of importance and special feeling. In an open relationships if you are not secure in your relationship and have clear communication, then emotional product is the byproduct.  

When one partner experiences pleasure with someone else, it can cause emotional distress in the other partner who feels insecure in the relationship.  

Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

Having multiple partners in an open relationship increases the chances of getting STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Protection and precaution are utmost important in this kind of relationship. Unplanned Pregnancy Another problem of having an open relationship or open marriage is unplanned pregnancy due to lack or neglect of protection while sex. So your partner and you agreed to be in an open relationship and your partner becomes pregnant or you impregnate someone or visa versa. Then the relationship will become complicated and might end altogether.  

Sex Addiction  

Another problem of being in an open relationship is getting addicted to sex.  

Loss Of Libido 

Often due to frequent sex with other partners will leave your primary partner unsatisfied in their sex life. This is due to more intimate partners and activities frequently. 

Boundaries Of An Open Relationship

Boundaries Of An Open Relationship

There are certain boundaries in open relationships which helps the open relationship be successful. Certain rules are always put in place by couples in an open relationship so that there are no conflicts in later. So here are some common open relationships boundaries or rules set by partners. 

  • Don’t start an open relationship if your relationship is already struggling to stay intact. If you are trying to save your relationship by opting for an open relationship, then issues like jealousy, emotional trauma and infidelity will end your relationship. 
  • In an open relationship even if you have other partners, you still must prioritize your main relationship. 
  • Discuss safe sex 
  • Don’t let jealousy build which will create problems that would lead to a failed relationship eventually. Communicate your feelings and thoughts with your partner and let them know your feelings. 
  • Honest and constant communication is the key to successful open relationships. 
  • Discuss how you will explain to your loved ones the open relationships situation. 
  • Set a sexual boundary in your open relationship by getting consent from your partner and taking note of her comfort level. 
  • Open relationship boundaries also include emotional boundaries which both parties in the relationships must set together. 
  • Always take consent. 
  • Regular conversations with your primary partner. 
  • Show respect to each other’s feelings and thoughts. 

Is Open Relationship Better Than Closed Relationship? 

There is no one correct answer to this question, but every relationship has its needs and shortcomings. Keeping an open mind while listening to your partner’s needs and expressing your thoughts and needs is crucial to a successful relationship. So, if you and your partner have good communication and want to pursue an open relationship. 

A closed relationship also has its pros and cons but if your relationship can function as one without needing an open relationship then you must try that. No one relationship is the same, and the needs differ too in every relationship. So, both open and closed relationships are better in their own ways especially if having one makes the relationship successful. 


Open relationship meaning in general is a non-monogamous relationships where a couple is secure enough with their relationship to have other partners, they can have intimate relations with or just have emotional attachment. 

So, what are your thoughts about open relationships? Do you think you can have an open relationship with your partner? Share your thoughts with us.

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