12 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship And How It Benefits Us

12 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship And How It Benefits Us

Any relationship can become healthy through open communication. But does communication is all you need to make your relationship healthy? It’s true in any relationship communication is the key but is that it? Of course not. There are many other factors along with communication that make a relationship healthy. 

Healthy relationships can be beneficial in our life regardless of any relationship we develop, sexual, platonic or romantic. Signs of a strong relationship consist of honesty and respect for each other that makes the relationship healthy. Trust is another factor which is the base of any healthy relationship.  

So many factors make a relationship healthy that directly affect our lives positively. So, in this article we have provided 12 signs of a healthy relationship and how a healthy relationship benefits us. But before we jump on to signs of a healthy relationship let’s learn what a healthy relationship is. 

What defines any healthy relationships?

What defines any healthy relationships

A healthy relationship is where opinions are shared, and decisions are made based on the shared opinion communicated with each other. 

Healthy relationships compromise these five key factors trust, communication, respect, honesty and teamwork. Any healthy relationship must have these five key factors to call it a healthy relationship.  

In healthy relationships there is no power or ego struggle between two people. There is a balance of power and decision-making between the parties in the relationship. There is no one person greater or lesser in a healthy relationship.  

Signs of a healthy relationship must include respect and trust in each other. No relationship can be called healthy without trust. Just like communication is the lifeline in a relationship, trust is the glue that keeps a relationship strong. 

10 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship

10 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship

Here are the 12 signs of a healthy relationship that will help you identify if you are in a healthy relationship. Learn what these signs are by reading the passage below. 



You might have heard about the saying ‘Communication is the key to any relationship.’ Do you know why this quote is so popular because communication has the power to solve 99 percent of our problems in any relationship.  

Miscommunication and little to no communication in expressing our feelings and thoughts results in distance in any relationship. One of the major signs of a healthy relationship is communication.  

When you communicate your thoughts, feelings and needs in a relationship, problems can be solved easily. You find solutions to your issues which automatically solves the problems you are facing in any relationship.  

So, if you openly communicate with each other and solve the problems in your relationship then you are in a healthy relationship. 



One of the major signs of healthy relationships is trust. When you are in any relationship, especially in a romantic relationship, trust is the key factor that holds your relationship. If you don’t have trust in any relationship, then that relationship has already ended.  

So, you must trust each other in a relationship that marks a sign of a healthy relationship. When you are honest in a relationship you will not doubt the other person, which is a major sign of a healthy relationship. Honesty and trust tend to go hand in hand in a successful relationship. 

You not only trust your partner with your thoughts but also your body in a romantic relationship. Hence trust is one of the five pillars of a healthy relationship including communication, respect, honesty and teamwork. 



You must respect each other in any relationship. A healthy relationship has boundaries that both parties respect without violating them. Healthy relationships boundaries consist of things which when violated would disrupt the relationship.  

These boundaries are crucial as they define what you like and dislike in a relationship and would not cross it to hurt each other. Respect each other’s boundaries and learn to prioritize things that are important to your relationship. 

A perfect example id a healthy relationship is when your partner dislikes someone you associate with and this relationship is important to you, then disassociate yourself from that friend.  

But if your partner dislikes all the people you associate with then you might want to check on the reason for your partner’s problem with them. 



Whatever the situation may be, trying to be honest with your partner can be beneficial for building any healthy relationship. Honesty will ensure a strong relationship in the long run. 


‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ you might have heard about this saying. Teamwork is one of the other signs of a healthy relationship. If you and your partner take decisions together and try to function like a team to make your relationship work, then you are in a healthy relationship. 


In a relationship you must support each other to make it a healthy relationship. Healthy relationships have a strong support system where partners help each other achieve their respective dreams.  

An example of a healthy relationship is when a partner wants to write a book or start a business leaving behind their job the other person supports the decision without questioning or arguing. 

 It is often seen that in a successful relationship both partners equally support each other’s goals even if the goals are different. They try to work towards a common ground to support the dream and make the relationship work so the relation grows stronger. 

Solve Conflicts

Solve Conflicts

Healthy relationship signs include solving conflicts instead of ignoring them. If you and your partner immediately solve conflicts instead of ignoring them in the hope that it will get solved, then you are in a healthy relationship. 

Every relationship has conflicts and problems but there are solutions as well. So, whenever you have a difference of opinions, agree to disagree and find a common ground to solve the conflict. This will ensure you and your partner resentment about any conflict leading to distance in your relationship. 



One of the major signs of a strong relationship is adaptability. We all know no one person is the same. So, there are going to be differences of opinions in any relationship. But do you know what makes a healthy relationship?   

In healthy relationships both parties understand the differences of opinion and work towards a common solution or goal. This makes the relationship healthy and strong. As our lives are always changing and not in our control.  

We need to adapt ourselves to those changes by adapting to the situation or change in our relationships. 


Forgiveness is one of the signs of healthy relationships. We all make mistakes or make wrong judgements in our lives. Relationships also have their own set of problems and mistakes.  

Try keeping a forgiving attitude in your relationship so that you can move forward without pondering on petty mistakes. But keep a strong stand when mistakes are repeated several times. 


A romantic relationship is also known as a committed relationship as two people in the relationship vouch their commitment towards each other. A sign of a healthy relationship is when both the parties involved are equally invested in the relationship. If only one person is showing commitment, and the other isn’t then it’s a one sided relationship. 

Benefits Of Being in a Healthy Relationship 

There are numerous benefits of a healthy relationship. If you have all the above-listed signs of a healthy relationship, then you already know what these benefits are. After our parental relationship or familial relationship, it is our romantic relationships that shape our lives.  

Hence a healthy relationship is bound to positively affect our lives both physically and mentally. So here are some of the benefits of having healthy relationships. 

  • Healthy relationship signs can be seen in your personality with higher self-esteem and confidence in your work and life. 
  • A strong and healthy relationship can help you recover from illnesses faster and lengthen your life span in some cases. Since you are happy and take less stress in your personal life it reflects on your immunity system and mood. This helps you stay healthy for a long time. 
  • You have a better quality of life while in a healthy relationship. When you are in a toxic relationship your sleep pattern, stress and pressure all create havoc in your body resulting in sickness. So, when you are in a healthy relationship it’s bound to affect your overall health. 
  • You are no more lonely and have a friend to share your failures and success with.  
  • A sign of a healthy relationship in improved social connections. 
  • A healthy relationship equals good mental health and less chances of depression and anxiety attacks. 
  • You are more trusting and have empathy for people in general. 
  • Improved mood resulting in better productivity at work resulting in financial gains. 
  • Lastly, you are happy and content in a healthy relationship. 


So, do your relationships have the above listed signs of a healthy relationship? If so, do you think having a healthy relationship does make our lives if not easier but bearable with our loved one’s company?  

If so, share with us your thoughts about a healthy relationship and what it means to you personally.

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