Beige Flag: What Does It Mean In A Relationship?

Beige Flag: What Does It Mean In A Relationship?

Did you search for ‘what is beige flag?’ Did you come across the term ‘beige flag’ while surfing social media platforms, especially Tik Tok? Don’t know what is the meaning of the beige flag all the GenZ are talking about? Then don’t worry as we have all the answers for you in this article. 

You have come across the right article to learn about ‘what is a beige flag?’ In this article we have discussed the beige flag, what does it mean in a relationship and why it’s being used suddenly. 

Origin: What Is A Beige Flag?

Origin: What Is A Beige Flag?

According to the Urban dictionary, the term ‘beige flag’ means “something that’s neither good nor bad but makes you pause for a minute when you notice it and then you just continue on. Something odd.” 

So, when you ask, ‘what is a beige flag?’ We might not have a proper definition of the term, but it basically means some information about your partner which is neither bad nor bad. So, when we are in a relationship and an information about your partner comes to light that isn’t anything bad or good but an odd information then it’s called ‘a beige flag.’ 

You might have heard about the terms ‘red flag’ or ‘green flag’? The term ‘red flags’ and ‘green flags’ respectively means an information about a person in a relationship that is either negative or positive.  

Red means alarming information about your partner that will be a dealbreaker for you. While ‘green flag’ means information that is positive or alluring about a person. So beige flag meaning falls in the middle of both these term.  

The concept of beige flag has recently shifted to mean boring information in Tik Tok. Beige flag is also used to describe boring traits in a person that do not necessarily affect the relationship in any way. If any trait of a person that causes you to pause but does not cause any immediate concern is considered a beige flag. 

So, the exact definition of what a beige flag is cannot be pinned down, but you still get a gist of what a beige flag means in a relationship. 

Where did the term ‘Beige Flag’ originate from?

Where did the term ‘Beige Flag’ originate from?

The term ‘beige flag’ originated from a viral trend in the social media platform Tik Tok. Tik Tok has more than 550 million views with content with hashtag beige flag (#beigeflag). These videos show traits of people that their partners considered strange in their relationship but nothing alarming. 

Most of these #beigeflag hashtags videos have a smooth jazz sound running in its background notifying viewers of its theme. Just like reels of same music with people doing same dance step that goes viral in Instagram reels or YouTube reels. 

According to a listened psychotherapist, Dr. Shaw, “a beige flag is something that simply makes you go, ‘Huh. What is that person doing?’” So, if you notice a trait in your partner that does not alarm nor impress you but it’s a weird trait that you notice which isn’t interesting enough that is your beige flag. 

TikTok is not totally sure about the definite meaning of beige flag. Some Tik Tok users see beige flag as something boring, while others feel it’s unnecessary strange trait in a person. Some viewers feel a beige flag is a ‘charming quirk’ in a person. Some again identify beige flags as annoying traits that really do not harm anyone but are more of a nuance. 

Hence there are no definition of “what is a beige flag?” 

How To Identify Beige Flag from A Red Flag in a Relationship?

How To Identify Beige Flag from A Red Flag in a Relationship? 

A beige flag is a trait or behavior in a person that is odd but not alarming in any way. A red flag on the other hand is train in a person that’s alarming and can cause trouble in a relationship.  

To identify a red flag, you need to understand toxic traits in a person which can cause problems for you while you are in a relationship with that person. You will need to understand that bad personality traits from good to identify red flags in a person. 

While beige flags are a personality trait in a person that does not affect your relationship in any way. The trait might be something odd that people generally find odd and hence take note of it.  

Red flags are easily identified when you start to feel uncomfortable seeing that personality or characteristics in your partner. If there is something that your partner does that annoys you or becomes unbearable over time that is a red flag. A beige flag trait on the other hand is often shown or bragged about on social media as odd or charmingly strange traits in a person. 

Should You Pursue A Person who has Beige Flag?

Should You Pursue A Person who has Beige Flag?

Yes, you can pursue a person who has beige flags as it’s not any toxic trait that would annoy you in the long run. Also, beige flags are eccentric characteristics that many people find endearing in relationships.  

If you come across a beige flags filled dating profile, then most certainly that person is not knowledgeable or has time to make their profile stand out. Dating a person with a beige flag profile doesn’t necessarily mean the person is boring or odd.  

You never know what a person is like until you have spent a considerable time with them. So never judge a person with an ordinary dating profile until you have met. Most importantly when no two people are the same and therefore there will always be some habits or personalities difference. But living with these differences with affection for each other is what relationships are all about. 

Examples Of Beige Flags Shared By Reddit Users 

So, what really are considered beige flags? let’s go through some of the examples of beige flags in relationships shared by Reddit users. 

  • Mr_kenobi says, “1. Wearing sunglasses in all photos 

2.  All photos are group shots and I’m still not sure which one you are 

3. “Tell me where I should travel to this year” No thanks 

4. I know we can blame the algorithm for this as the most liked photos are the first ones you see but I find it to be a turn off if the first photo I see of you is you in a bikini. 

5. One-word answers to bio questions.” 

  • Bikeroo comments, “I have two of them: 
  1. When someone describes themselves by writing “lover of…” (for example: lover of brunch or lover of breakfast for dinner). I admit, this one is a bit irrational. 
  1. Vague lists of things they love (examples: I love going out, I love travelling, I love food). Give me a bit more to chew on! Everyone loves to travel; is there a specific place you love travelling to? Do you like to travel by donkey?” 

Frequently Asked Questions On Beige Flag 

Here are some frequently asked questions about beige flag that you might find useful.

1. What is beige flag? 

A beige flag is a dating term to identify odd behaviors in partners when in a relationship. A beige flag is an odd bit of information or a habit in a person that’s makes people take notice of it as its unusual. Beige flags can also be a personality trait or habit in a person that others find odd. 
Beige flags are in-between red flags and green flags which are also dating terms to identify negative and positive traits in people. Hence beige flags fall in between these two terms meaning something that’s neither good nor bad but simply odd or boring. 

2. Why is it a beige flag in a relationship? 

It is beige flag so that it means a neutral color identifying a neutral person or personality trait in a person. Red flag which means negative traits and green flag meaning positive trait or habits in a person. So neutral behaviors or traits are categorized as beige flags in a relationship.  

3. What is a boyfriend beige flag? 

A beige flag in a relationship means a person with quirky or odd characteristics or habit that is neither good nor bad. So, a boyfriend with beige flags would mean a person who is noticeable but neither good nor bad. Someone who is ordinary with odd traits or habits that are noticeable. 

4. How does Urban dictionary define beige flag? 

According to the Urban dictionary, the term ‘beige flag’ means “something that’s neither good nor bad but makes you pause for a minute when you notice it and then you just continue on. Something odd.” 

5. What is a beige flag TikTok? 

Tik Tok was the social media site that trended beige flags traits of people in relationships. Through Tik Tok beige flags hashtags were trending with more than 550 million views with #beigeflag. Hence Tik Tok made the term popular among the GenZ that’s dominating social media. 


We hope this article was able to provide you a deep insight into ‘what is a beige flag?’ Do you think you have any beige flags, or have you seen any beige flags trait in your partner? If you have, what trait do you consider a beige flag?

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