Reddit User Dishes Out 15 Television Dramas With Most Insufferable Characters

Reddit User Dishes Out 15 Television Dramas With Most Insufferable Characters

Have you watched a show that would be more interesting if the characters were better? If so, Reddit users have listed 15 such dramas on TV that have the most insufferable characters of all time. Some shows have plots that are good but due to bad characters people lose interest in the show.

When Reddit user u/Collective1985 questioned “which television show has the most insufferable characters?” users on the platform had lots to say. Read this article to know which shows are there on the list and what people had to say about them.

Reddit User Dishes Out 15 Television Dramas With Most Insufferable Characters

Here are 15 dramas on television with the most insufferable characters according to people on Reddit.


Reddit user u/Plus-Relationship393 comments “Rachel Berry was the reason I stopped watching the show.” Another user u/crazy-diam0nd says, “At the end of three seasons, I was able to pinpoint the moment in every episode where I began to despise each main character.”


User u/Radiant_Target_9458 mentions Girls as the drama having the most irritable characters that made watching the show unbearable. The user says, “They were all supposed to be annoying, it just seemed a little too real.”

User u/freedraw says, “When the show started I thought a lot of the criticism of the characters was misplaced. I was like ‘they’re supposed to be annoying and entitled. The whole point of the show is so they have an arc and grow up and become better people.’ I was wrong. They stay insufferable.”

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Some shows according to Reddit users had insufferable characters but they still loved the show. One of these shows was It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Reddit user u/mommawolf2 says, “Are they insufferable? Yes. Do I love it? Yes.”

u/wholewheatscythe says, “Great show to watch but you sure wouldn’t want to actually know any of them.”

Emily In Paris

Emily In Paris is another show with insufferable characters according to Reddit users u/chonkybilai. Another user u/stickerbush-symphony says, “I watched someone review the series on YouTube a while ago and having never seen it, I hated every character after about ten minutes into the video.”

According to u/chonkybilai the characters lacked development. “The problem I found is that the characters didn’t evolve. After one or two seasons usually the characters learn from their mistakes and change themselves. But Emily is still the same in season three.”


u/puckit says, “None of them are serious people,” about Succession TV show. Another user u/PimpnPropane says, “I liked Succession until someone pointed out it was basically a more serious Arrested Development and then I just couldn’t get back into it for whatever reason.”

The Big Bang Theory

This show is one of the most loved shows ever and to see this show on this list shocks me the most.  u/probablyurprofessor says, “Yep, I’m an academic and I really hate the awful stereotypes.”

u/Korrin says, “It always rubbed me the wrong way that it was Leonard who was the biggest a-hole. He was supposed to be the most self aware and normal character of the main group and he was always so arrogant towards Penny.”

Sex And The City

u/SetReal1429 comments Sex and The City. u/CantHandleTheThrow says, “I re-watched it recently and holy shit those women were a-holes. The only decent one was Samantha.” I couldn’t stop laughing at this comment.


u/CuckooKakamora says, “Everyone is shit, it’s like an examination of people trying to find out how they aren’t shit.” Another reddit user u/FoxIcy4554 comments, “As a fan, I’ve accepted this fact and I like to watch the train wreck,” about Shameless.

How I Met Your Mother

User  u/_-_-XXX-_-_ comments, “How I Met Your Mother.” Another user u/ipakookapi says, “Ted is in a way a masterpiece. We said it couldn’t be done, we said they were mad, but they did it: they made Ross from Friends worse.”

Gilmore Girls

 u/Catsushigo says, “Rory was the definition of insufferable,” about Gilmore Girls.


Reddit user  u/HomeDefenceZ3 says, “I watched a few episodes and then I decided I didn’t want to watch a family of mostly terrible people be terrible to each other anymore.”

While another user u/maybeCheri says, “I watched a couple of seasons but then realized that I really didn’t like any of the main characters. Everyone at work was watching so I thought I would get caught up and join in the conversations. But I didn’t care what happened or what tragedy was going to befall them.”


Although I couldn’t agree with this series being on this list, u/GirlyScientist says, “I had to stop watching, they were all terrible,” about Euphoria.


u/ScepticOfEverything says,”They all suck. I can’t believe it’s having a revival and everyone loves it all over again. I mean, the people on Seinfeld all sucked, too, but that was kind of the point of the show. Friends, on the other hand, presented the characters as quirky and fun,” about Friends.


u/niakbtc comments, “Ozark.” u/Just-Try-2533 says, “I got about half a season in and then I said to myself ‘why am I watching this? I hate all the characters’.”


“It has got to be the most rehashed bs from other okay shows. None of the cast are well fleshed out and they all seem like they’re trying too hard,” says u/spikeflare.


Which among the listed shows do you agree with and which you don’t let us know. Also which TV dramas should be added to this list according to you.

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