People Commented 26 Worst Movies Of All Time

People Commented 26 Worst Movies Of All Time

Ever watched a movie that was so bad that you could complete the movie? If so then hear are 26 worst movies people say were the worst movies ever. Know what these movies are so you can avoid them or see if you have watched any of these movies and hated it to.

People Commented 26 Worst Movies Of All Time  

Here are 26 movies that people says are the worst movies of all time that they would not watch for a second time.


thebay said, “Without a doubt. I love the stage show but was always concerned about how it would translate to film, given that there is zero plot. Turns out the firm was worse than I could ever have imagined. There were times when watching it that I actually shuddered… just urgh!” about Cats.

Van Helsing  

Buzzfeed user hedders said, “Not even Kate Beckinsale could save that heap of steaming dingo kidneys. I hope she at least got well paid for it.”

katerumtruffle said, “It’s dedicated to someone’s dad at the end, and I just felt bad for the dad.”

The Philadelphia Experiment (2012)  

anthonysandle67 says, “It is truly, genuinely the worst movie I have ever seen. I can’t even really describe what was so awful about it,” about The Philadelphia Experiment.

Monkey Shines  

beastie1231 said monkey Shines is the “Worst movie ever.” He added further “I wanted to kill that damn monkey myself.”

Black Christmas (2019)  

winstonwald says that The Black Christmas recent remake “was utter trash.”


baobaopanda says, “It had Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, and Michelle Williams. I didn’t realize how good of an actor Hugh Jackman is until I watched him deliver those lines with a straight face.”

One Night Stand  

jodisue said, “One Night Stand with Wesley Snipes has to be on any ‘worst movie’ list.”

Mom And Dad  

According to theicebox720, Mon and dad was the worst movie ever. “As someone who not only LOVES Nicolas Cage but also appreciates and acknowledges that he’s been in some pretty bad movies, this was so bad and SO disappointing,” says theicebox720.

Lady in the Water

According to stopbeingstupid19 ‘Lady In The Water’ was “So beyond dumb and I could not wait for it to end.”

Jaws 3-D 

emmeedee says, “Of the four that was easily the worst, especially the crappy 3D effects they tried. Yes, it was worse than Jaws: The Revenge. At least that had Michael Caine & Lorraine Gary going for it.”


According to silencesilence, “Sorry, but a complete stranger who breaks into your bedroom at night to watch you sleep is a creep, not a romantic boy.” 

Paper Towns  

According to melissaj4b47d77eb “It (Paper Town) needs to be on this list.”

Gunpowder Milkshake  

thisissterling says, “It was so bad! I was so mad because the actors were all AWESOME! And the concept was great but it was sooooo meh!”

The Exorcist (2023)  

longirons6 says, “I walked out. It’s awful. I realised on the way home, that the reason that people love the Exorcist movies is that they’re just waiting to see young girls scream evil things and constantly bleed from every orofice. It’s essential porn for weirdos.”

It Comes At Night  

comidastarjr says, “Let me tell you…*spoiler alert* what ‘comes at night’ – NOTHING. NOTHING COMES AT NIGHT. Worst movie ever.”

Sex and the City 2 

rhiank22 says, “Probably most of you have sensibly repressed it from your memory. Good move.”

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry  

norty comments, “It might just be the worst Adam Sandler movie. We talk about movies ageing poorly, but that one was already rotten when it came out.”


adrianw440bbeae3 says, “Most ’70s sci-fi is terrible but Zardoz is the worst of the bunch. And that outfit, I can never unsee that outfit.”

Beau is Afraid  

applesauceandchops says, “As a fan of Ari Aster, I thought this would be equally intriguing. Instead, it was one of the longest (over three hours), most self-indulgent, non-linear examples of ‘experimental’ film I’d ever seen. I was almost crying in my seat, just waiting for it to be OVER.”


bmw1138 says, “This movie made ZERO sense and none of the characters are likable, except Jon Krasinski who doesn’t say anything. It’s also kinda racist to native Hawaiians.”

Repo! The Genetic Opera  

k402e21627 says, “Look, I like musicals and weird cult movies as much as the next person, but it’s probably the worst movie I have ever seen. Sorry, not sorry.”


sperkeles said, “It’s the worst movie I’ve seen in my life. It was gross and the main character was so fucking annoying I honestly rooted for the killer.”

Super Troopers 2  

p46bf3ddf0 says, “Not every successful film needs a sequel. I know I watched it, but all I remember is being disappointed and not laughing once through the whole thing. It was so bad, it kind of took some of the shine away from the first one.”

The Thin Red Line  

joshuahoffert said, “To this day, it is the only movie I’ve ever walked out of the theatre without finishing. I’m not even sure the people in this movie knew what planet they were on when they made it.”

The Brown Bunny  

veganwolfbutnotthatmuch says,”I’d consider it torture to watch it again.” 

My Super Ex-Girlfriend  

demons says, “I remember going to see it, and I got a headache from how stupid it was.”


Let us know which movies you think is the worst movie of all time. Did you watch any of these listed movies and feel the same way? If so, which movies are they?

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