13 Indian Movies You Must Watch On Netflix

13 Indian Movies You Must Watch On Netflix

Are you going through Netflix but don’t wish to start a series as it might take hours to finish. Then watch these Indian movies given in the list below that are all available on Netflix. These movies have gripping storyline, star casts and explore very important issues faced by people in India.

Read this article to learn which movies you should watch on Netflix without searching from hundreds of Netflix content.

13 Indian Movies You Must Watch On Netflix  

Here are 13 Indian or popularly known as Bollywood movies that you must watch. All these movies are available on Netflix. So if you already have a Netflix subscription then definitely watch these movies listed below.

Jaane Jaan

Jaane Jaan is a movie about a single mother and her neighbor trying to conceal a murder that starts to unravel after a police officer starts his investigation. This brilliant thriller set in the hill-town of Kalingpong is a must watch.


Khufiya is a movie about a RAW operative who goes undercover as a lover to uncover a mole who is selling defense secrets of India to the enemy. This spy thriller will make you sit at the edge of you with its gripping storyline and phenomenal cast.


OMG is a movie that explores lack of sex education in Indian schools and religious taboos around sex in India. India being the most populated country in the world resulting from lack of sex education in school and people having less knowledge about preventive measures.

This movie is a must watch for everyone in India.

Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty

Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty is a movie about a 30 year old woman who believes in love and marriage yet wants to stay single forever. While at the same time a 30 year old man who is a comedian wishes to get married and settle down.

When these two individuals meet and are drawn to each other their difference in views creates problems in their relationship that the movie navigates.

An Action Hero

An Action Hero is based on Maanav, a popular action hero in Bollywood who gets involved accidentally in the death of a person who is brother to a powerful politician. The politician vows to find and kill Maanav who flees the country to London resulting in a cat and mouse game.


Kathal is a satirical drama about a young female police officer who gets assigned to investigate a theft of Kathal or Jackfruit. These two jackfruits are of a toxic breed that was grown in the garden of a politician. Hence why the police officer was assigned this investigation which is a useless case.


Visaranai is a movie that throws light on police brutality and unnecessary use of power towards innocent people especially marginalized people. The movie follows four laborers who get picked up by police and get tortured by them to confess to a crime they didn’t commit.

The movie is filled with disturbing scenes of brutality against the laborers and the injustice they face. It’s bound to make you tear up and boil your blood against cruel behavior towards the marginalized laborers.


Darlings is a movie about two women, a mother and daughter who find courage to overcome difficult circumstances in their life and still love each other. The daughter Badru is married to an alcoholic husband who beats her regularly while her mother tries saving her daughter. The survival story of Badru from a dysfunctional marriage in exceptional circumstances is a must watch.

Badhaai Do

Badhaai Ho is a movie that explores a sensitive topic surrounding challenges faced by LGBTQ+ community of India. The movie follows a young couple’s life in a lavender marriage. A lavender marriage means a wedding between a non-heterosexual and a heterosexual person to avoid stigma faced by queer individuals.

Two non-hetrerosexual people can also have a lavender marriage to avoid stigma from society. This heartwarming movie also celebrates acceptance and love.

Love Today

Love Today is a movie about two lovers who have to exchange their phones for a day with each other requested by the girl’s father to test their love for each other. The movie then focuses on the challenges the couple face due to this request. This movie basically portrays the challenges young couples face in today’s world.

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga

Love watching thriller movies then watch this movie Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga. A heist-thriller where a flight attendant and her lover plans a heist that goes awry when the plane gets hijacked. To settle an old debt the couple plans to steal diamonds that’s being transported on the flight but their plans go haywire when the airplane gets hijacked by terrorists.


Vadh is a movie that portrays horrors of the Indian illegal loan system that harrasses poor loan takers when they can’t pay the loan sharks. This movie will make you think why Indian banks would provide huge amounts of loans to the rich without any security for recovery while loans for the poor get rejected.

A poor school retired teacher reaches his limit after being harassed by a loan shark and commits a murder. The movie is based on how he covered up the murder.

Minnal Murali

Minnal Murali is a movie about a young tailor named Jaison who gets superpower after getting struck by lightning. Jaison decides to use his super power for good by protecting his village from evil. He uses his powers of speed, strength and flight to become his village superhero, Minnal Murali.

It’s true there are several superhero flicks with great graphics and special effects, so why watch this movie? But this movie talks about how superpower won’t make life easy. Instead, new threats from unexpected enemies will make life more challenging. Hence why people say with great powers comes great responsibilities.


If you know more such great Indian movies that we might have missed on Netflix let us know which movies we missed so we can add them.

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