20 Top Non-Human Crushes Of People In The Movies : What Reddit User Say

 20 Top Non-Human Crushes Of People In The Movies : What Reddit User Say

Have you ever had a crush on a movie character or two especially from animated movies or shows? If yes, then who was your crush. In this article we have listed the top 20 non-human crushes of people. If this topic is something that you are interested in then keep reading this article.

20 Top Non-Human Crushes Of People

Most of us love watching movies, be it animated movies or non animated movies. Some of us have our favorite genres like horror or comedy, romantic or action, animation or science fiction, thriller or mystery and the list can go on.

Often these movies feature characters that we fall in love with but have you ever had a crush on an animated character? If so then don’t be embarrassed we have all had our fair share of non human crushes. Listed below are 20 top non-human crushes of people. See if you have ever crushed on some of these characters as well.


In the 1994 animated musical drama movie, The Lion King’s protagonist was Simba, a lion cub. Walt Disney Pictures produced the movie around the character, Simba and his journey to become the King of the Jungle.

The character of Simba caught my eye at a young age with brown flowing hair and good looks. Most people born in the 1990s and early 20s have watched this movie several times and cried with Simba on Mufasa’s death (Simba’s father).

The movie became so popular that Disney reanimated the movie in higher quality recently which the present generation loved as well. But it was not me who was crushing on Simba but many others as well. A Reddit user named u/Meetvirginiaslims wrote, “He had the 90s boy band hair and everything.”


Another character that people have a crush on from the movie The Lion King was Kovu the villain in the movie. Although I did not like him simply because he killed Mufasa, Simba’s father, I can see why people would have a crush on the character. Some people love bad boys or good looking villains.

According to u/athirdcat, a Reddit user shares an incident, “I casually mentioned that I thought he was hot to my group of friends when I was like 15, and the silence before they started mocking me was deafening. I argued that they all felt the same way and weren’t brave enough to admit it, and I stand by that statement.”


Marvel has created a fan base that can be found from one side of this planet to another. Avengers have a very attractive cast with huge characters having their own separate fanbase.

But what we did not see coming was Tony Stark’s digitally enabled artificial intelligence, J.A.R.V.I.S taking a human form, Vision in Avengers Age of Ultron. And then having a wandaVision series with Wanda and Vision as the protagonist. In short most of us Avengers fans were crushing on Vision.


Disney has mastered creating and producing great animated movies which we love like Finding Nemo. In Finding Nemo people found the character Gill very attractive. Gill’s character was given voice by Willem Defoe.

Reddit user u/gollumey says, “My ‘being attracted to older men’ issue started at an early age,” about the character Gill. Another user writes, “I just KNEW someone would post this fish, and I wholeheartedly agree. The funny part is, I’m not into older men, but this fish made me feel things.” So quite a lot of viewers of the movie have a crush on Gill.


Ice Age movie that came out in 2002 based on the adventures of woolly mammoth, saber-toothed cat and ground sloth. Among the characters of the movie the saber-toothed cat called Deigo caught my attention for his good looks. Other viewers of the movie seem to feel the same as well, with u/Entj-A_Roy commenting “Diego was hot, damn.”

Robin Hood

In the 1973 Robin Hood movie the character of Robin Hood became a crush for many people. A Reddit user by the name, u/carbonpeach says “The foxiest Robin Hood EVER, omg.” While u/LivingSmell5465 writes, “Okay, I wasn’t the only one with this crush lmao!”


In 1991 Walt Disney Pictures produced the Beauty and the Beast movie that gained huge popularity. In the movie the character of Beast garnered huge attention due to its looks which was quite good looking for a beast. User u/rask0In writes, “As a kid I used to cry when he turned back to a human because I felt like he lost all of his charm.”

Bambi’s Dad

In the movie Bambi, Bambi’s dad was drawn very beautifully as a Reddit user u/Zoshi2200 agrees with me saying, “They didn’t have to draw Bambi’s dad so hot.” Another user u/Cross_Stitch_Witch adds, “Okay, but how is an animated deer so sexy I just – someone explain the SCIENCE to me please.”


Tigger in the Winnie The Pooh movie was one of my favorite characters in the movie after Winnie. As a young kid I had a crush on him and so did many others. No wonder I prefer funny guys over bad guys.

Lola Bunny

In the 1996 Space Jam movie by Warner Bros. Pictures, there was a female bunny cartoon character, Lola Bunny. Lola was drawn as an attractive bunny whose appearance changed several times but remained attractive throughout.

Many Loony Toons watchers also found Lola bunny attractive. A Reddit user u/timmy_wahwah writes, “I think between Lola Bunny and Gwen Stefani from the No Doubt era, my taste in women was set decades ago and there is nothing I can do about it now.”

Some other non-human characters that people have crushes on are:

  • Roxanne from the movie “A Goofy Movie”
  • Janice from the “The Muppet Show”
  • Sully from the “Monsters Inc.”
  • Baymax from the movie “Big Hero 6”
  • Rodney Copperbottom from the movie “Robots”
  • Jojo from the movie “Horton Hears a Who”
  • Lola from the movie “Shark Tale”
  • Max from the movie “A Goofy Movie”
  • Roddy from the movie “Flushed Away”

Bear from the movie “Bear in the Big Blue House”


Let us know about your non-human crushers in the movies. Do any of these crushes resonate with you or do you have different crushes from the movies?

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