Who Is Orry? The Guy Who Seems To Be Every Bollywood Biggie’s BFF

Who Is Orry? The Guy Who Seems To Be Every Bollywood Biggie’s BFF

The only question that is on everyone’s mind is Who is Orry? The whole internet seems to be baffled about who this guy is, hanging with the inner circle of bollywood and especially all the star kids.

The socialite has been seen hanging out with star kids such as Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, and Nysa Devgn. For the past few years, he has become a more prominent presence in most, if not all, bollywood and celeb parties, shining brightly alongside the stars of bollywood.

But the question still arises, like who is this guy, and how in the world does he get to be this lucky? But don’t think too much about it, the internet did what it does best, dug out everything about Orry. So let’s check out who this guy is together.

Orry A.K.A Orhan Awatramani

Well, Orry’s full name is Orhan Awatramani. By now, everyone is aware of his instagram bio, where he has a lot of pictures of him with celebrities going on luxury vacations and also red carpet events.

Other than that, Orry usually posts content related to fashion, lifestyle, and travel all over his Instagram profile. While surfing through the internet, we found Orry’s original LinkedIn account, which says he works as a Special Project Manager at Reliance Industries Limited Chairperson Office.

“Further, he has pursued a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Communication Design from New York’s Parsons School of Design. The socialite has over four lakh followers on Instagram, and his bio reads, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

“He keeps his fans and followers updated about his life and often posts pictures and videos from movie premiers, vacations, photoshoots etc.”

What Kiara Had Said About Orry?   

“In a clip from June 2019, Orry gushed over Kiara Advani as he wished her and Kabir Singh co-star Shahid Kapoor the best for their film.”

“After his video message was played, Shahid asked Kiara who Orry was. She said in response, “This is Orhan Awatramani. His brother (Kabir Awatramani) was in my class, and he was my junior in school. And this (Orry’s video message) was really sweet.”“When Shahid said, “He (Orry) was really happy for you,” Kiara replied, “Yes, genuinely he was like… this is a surprise. That’s really sweet… I was like ‘Oh Orhan from school’. Very cute.”

The Source Of Orry’s Power

In an interview with Cosmopolitan India, Orry said about his job and career, “I am working on myself. I am going to the gym, I am doing a lot of self-reflection, sometimes I do Yoga, I go for a massage, I am working, but I am working on myself.”

He further said, “Everyone wants to know this? I’ll tell you exactly what I said in my first job interview to my boss as of today, ‘You know, ma’am, growing up I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer.”

“But what am I today? I’m a singer, a songwriter, a fashion designer, a creative director, a stylist, an executive assistant, a shopper, and sometimes a football player, I don’t know. I feel like life is about having dreams.”

“Inflate your dreams, give them wings to fly, and seize every opportunity.’ I looked her in the eyes and said, ‘I’m the kind of person that if you ask me to paint something for your wall, I’ll paint the entire house’. And mic drop.”

Wrapping Up!  

Well, there you go, this was all that we got to know about the mystery man that is Orry, aka Orhan Awatramani. If you wanna keep updated on all his latest life updates, then all you need to do is keep a close watch on his social media accounts.

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