What Is The Best Time To Visit Grand Canyon?

What Is The Best Time To Visit Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is one of the oldest fock erosion that happened on the surface of the Earth. The historic eroded landscape happened sometime about 5 to 6 millions years ago. The erosion happened due to the Colorado river flowing through the valley.

The valley cuts about a mile down the Earth’s crust and reveals the crust which goes back about two billion years ago. So if you are planning a trip here then you should know the best time to visit Grand Canyon.

Best Time To Visit Grand Canyon

Visit Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in the state of Arizona, on the banks of Colorado river, in the United States. The Grand Canyon is about 277 miles long carved canyon. The height of the canyon is about 2,600 ft and it’s width if about 18 miles.

There are a lot of ways you can travel to the Grand Canyon, you can take a car service or go by flight, if you wanna make a quick trip. There are different seasons that make a complete different atmosphere in the Grand Canyon.

But before we talk about when is the best time to visit the grand canyon, you should know that there is limited lodging available there. So probably make a day trip here at the canyon. Now lets talk the best best time to visit Grand Canyon.

March-May (Spring)

visit grand canyon (spring)

Two seasons are considered the best time to visit grand canyon, and among those two season one is the spring time. The spring time is just beautiful if you are considering two visit the Grand Canyon.

The temperature is just perfect for a hike and the crowd is also less although it being a great time to visit here.

Here ar a few advantages and disadvantages in going to the Granbd Canyon during the spring.

The climate is optimal during the day time, making it perfect for hiking.Although the days are pleasant the night becomes very cold.
There are very less crowd, compared to the summer time.The weather is sometimes unpredictable, making it difficult to judge when it will rain or snow.
During the spring time the rain is also less making it the perfect time to visit.The northern rim is blocked due to excessive snow.
During the spring time, all the wild flowers are all blooming. And it’s worth visiting when they do.

May-August (Summer)

visit grand canyon in summer

During the summer when the schools are closed, it is the peak time to visit the Grand Canyon. Although it may not be the best time to visit the grand canyon. But it definitely the most popular time to visit.

Also another reason why it is not the best time is because it is very hot during the summer months to visit the Grand Canyon.

Here ar a few advantages and disadvantages in going to the Granbd Canyon during the summer.

Family vacation is possible due to summer holidays.Being the busiest time of the year, it is difficult to arrange for tickets and even hotels.
Longer day time to visit the Canyon.Due to the sun, the temperature is quite high during the day time.
The peak time to visit the Canyon.You can easily get dehydrated due to the heat.
The norther rim is open as the snow melted.The summer is also the monsoon months here in the Grand Canyon, making rain storms a big possibility.

September-Novermber (Autumn)

visit grand canyon in autumn

Like I said before one of the best time to visit the Grand Canyon is the Spring time, and the other best time to visit Grand Canyon is during the Autumn months.

Again due to less crowd duing this time, yuo can actually enjoy the beauty of nature. And it also helps that the temperature is just perfect for hiking during the autumn months.

Here ar a few advantages and disadvantages in going to the Granbd Canyon during the autumn.

The temperature is lowering and while hiking you won’t sweat as much. Just like the spring time, the nights are colder.Just like at the spring time the weather is highly unpredictable and it may rain or snow at any time.
The population is quite less, so you can actually enjoy the environment.
Nothing can beat the autumn foliage, the nature at her very best.
Since the days are short, you can see the sunset at the Grand Canyon.

December-February (Winter)

visit grand canyon in winter

The winter months are not as optimum as any other months of the year. Although the crowd is at it’s minimal, the Grand Canyon is mostly snow covered.

If you are an adventurer then the winter months can be a great time to visit the Canyon and the view is picturesque, with all white due to the snow. It is also very peaceful at this time of the year.

Here ar a few advantages and disadvantages in going to the Granbd Canyon during the winter.

The least populated time of the year, making it great to explore the Canyon.The snow and the chilly weather tends to make it very difficult to explore the Canyon.
Due to less crowd, hotels are cheap and easily available.It gets too cold during the night, falling as low as 20s.
The south trail of the Canyon is open and great for trekking.The Northern rim of the Canon remains closed due to heavy snow fall.
The snow-covered Canyon is beautiful to look at.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know the best time to visit Grand Canyon, you can plan a trip there depending on the view you want to experience. Since each weather has something different to offer to the tourists while visiting, you can pick the season you wanna visit, and go accordingly.

So now that you are well aware of the weather condition and the difficulties and the advantages you get with each season, dcide when would you like to visit.

So if you liked this article then give us a like and comment down below which season you would like to visit to the Grand Canyon.

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