Reddit Users Shares 18 Movies That Deserved A Sequel But Were Robbed Of It

Reddit Users Shares 18 Movies That Deserved A Sequel But Were Robbed Of It

Have you ever watched a movie and wanted to see more in the sequel? Or have you watched a movie that ended in a cliffhanger or with more questions than answers? Then you might know the feeling of frustration when that movie does not get a sequel that answers our question and is left incomplete.

In this article we have listed 18 such movies that deserved a sequel but did not get one. All the 18 movies are suggested by Reddit users when asked to share their views on this topic by another user u/FelchMasterFlexNuts.

18 Movies That Deserved A Sequel But Were Robbed Of It

Here are 18 movies that deserved a sequel but never got one. When Reddit user u/FelchMasterFlexNuts posted the question “what movie deserved a sequel but never got one?” on Reddit people shared their views on the topic.

The Nice Guys

 u/joe2352 says, “I loved that movie way more than I expected,” and wants a sequel for the movie.

Another Reddit user u/mauore11 shares the same opinion and answered “The Nice Guys.”

The Losers

u/I_DRINK_ANARCHY says, “They even had the set up for the next movie. I’m forever disappointed that I won’t get a sequel.” Reddit user u/Red_Danger33 mentions, “The cast would probably be too expensive for a sequel now.”

Big Hero 6

Reddit user u/Macrophage comments “Big Hero 6.” Another user u/Wheatley-Crabb says, “Absolutely! We’ve had an animated series or two, but I need more!!”

District 9

u/Oceania_tears comments District 9. Another user u/brilipj says, “Yes! I just recently watched this with my daughter. This was one of my all time favorite movies. I wish they’d make a sequel.”

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

u/_SuperCoolGuy_ comments “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.”

u/Little_Guarantee_693 says, “I think originally it was going to kick off a trilogy. When the movie didn’t pull the numbers they wanted the studio didn’t go forward with the other movies.”

Another Reddit user u/UnfairMicrowave says, “It was bad timing. It was released as the fantasy/Marvel movies started kicking off and the landscape of Hollywood shifted.”

The Cabin in the Woods

 u/mezihoth comment the movie name. Reddit user u/voiceofAFO  says, “It’d be fun to see what went wrong in the other countries!”

Léon: The Professional

u/LeftChoux mentions, “Léon: The Professional” that needs a sequel but was deprived of one.  u/CampDreamy says, “We need closure! What happened to Mathilda and the plant?”

Another user u/GunBrothersGaming comments, “I would love to see a Natalia lead sequel for this.”


According to u/cozyandwarm Spy movie deserved a sequel adding further on this topic, “Still some of my favorite Melissa McCarthy moments.”

u/Mrs_Butlertron_ says, “That movie is hilarious. Jason Statham and the rest of the cast were perfect.”

Step Brothers

 u/thicc_whitegirl comments Step Brothers deserves a sequel. Agreeing with this comment /weirdmountain comments, “The time is right for some little curly haired teenager to knock on Dale Doback’s door and introduce himself as his son from that bathroom rendezvous with Alice.”


I totally agree with Reddit user u/The_Lerch who commented “Constantine.”

Another user u/The-Snar says, “Keanu Reeves has said in the past that he is open to a sequel and would love to do it. I’ll hold out hope until the day I die! Constantine is an amazing movie and one of my favorites.”

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events deserves a sequel with Jim Carrey as u/PrincessNugget22 comments, “Jim Carrey was terrific!”

u/ElPanties1 says, “Yeah, the series wasn’t quite the same” about the movies in the series.


Reddit user  u/dewey-defeats-truman says, “I’m still disappointed we never got Spaceballs II: The Search for More Money.”

u/HavelTheRockJohnson comments, “It’s probably for the best that they never try to make a modern one though. The humor would be so drastically different.”


u/QualityEvening3466 comments, “Definitely a lost opportunity there. I would have enjoyed more of that very much.”

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

u/antoinebeaver comments, “There were plans for one but it never got made. A true cult classic that deserved to continue.”

u/Overdog_McNab adds, “I was promised a sequel! I demand satisfaction!”

John Carter

u/Skittlebrau46 says, “I’m still bummed that we didn’t get spring-boarded into another 3-4 movies from this one. It had such good stuff to work with.”

While u/rational_american comments, “That movie was a marketing disaster. They must have been actively trying to make it flop.”

Team America: World Police

u/ArcherChase comments, “They said they would NEVER do anything with puppets again because they were such an incredible pain in the ass.”

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

u/kapt_so_krunchy commented, “Man, I can’t believe with the advances in animation and CGI we haven’t seen a reboot.”

Lemonade Mouth

Lemonade Mouth is my addition in this list with a cast that acted perfectly. The movie deserved a sequel that showed the aftermath of becoming successful and how the team dealt with the success of the musical.


Tell us which movies you would want to add to this list, that you badly want a sequel of. Also tell us which movies you agree among the listed movies for a sequel and which you don’t want a sequel.

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