9 Horror Movie Filming Sets Where Horrifying Incidents Happened  

9 Horror Movie Filming Sets Where Horrifying Incidents Happened  

Watching horror movies is something where we consciously know that actors are playing the role of the devil or evil spirit. But what if we tell you while filming these horror movies actors, directors and crew members experienced supernatural incidents that are hard to explain.

Now that’s what is more scary don’t you think? Here we have listed 9 such horror movies set where supernatural incidents happened that will leave you with goosebumps. Frankly these incidents can have their own documentary which would be more scary than the movies itself.

Learn which movies filming sets we are talking about in the article below.

9 Horror Movie Filming Sets Where Horrifying Incidents Happened  

Here are the 9 horror movie filming sets where supernatural or horrifying incidents took place.

The Nun

The director of the movie The Nun, Corin Hardy claimed that his first supernatural experience happened in the set of The Nun while filming the 200 foot long corridor scene. While filming the corridor he ducked inside a dark nook to film the corridor and saw a room full of crew sitting behind him watching him shoot but after filming when he turned back he saw no one.

Scary part being the hallway had only one doorway that was in front of him.


Annabelle movie set saw several supernatural incidents occur like onset injuries, nose bleeding that only stopped after leaving the set, and Annabelle doll moving by itself. All these incidents led them to bless the movie set.

While filming the movie director John R. Leonetti explained that the first time the demon was in full makeup and getup and walked through the hallway a giant glass fixture fell on top of the actor’s head. Although this might seem like an accident in the movie the character is killed by the demon the same hallway.

Annabelle Comes Home

In the sequel movie Annabelle Comes Home the actor Madison Iseman said that the Annabelle doll would be in a different position every time she ran up past the Warrens’ bedroom.

Mckenna Grace said her nose would bleed while filming in the house set but stopped bleeding after she left the house. Similarly the trailer used by her had power issues that could not be detected by the technician resulting in lights turning on and off on its own.

The Conjuring

While filming the movie Joey King who played the character of Christine developed a rare and severe blood disorder that had high risk of internal bleeding. She had to visit the hospital to get her blood drawn before and after filming the movie to get it tested. But the disorder disappeared after she finished filming the movie.

According to King, “…like, all the red platelets from my body were, like, drained. They were just gone.”

Other spooky things happened to the cast and crew of the movie who woke up at 3 a.m. exactly like the movie. The crew also felt like someone was watching them.

But things got more spooky when Vera Farmiga found claw marks on her personal laptop and she did not know how they got there. She got the same claw marks on her thighs a day later after getting done with the day’s filming.

The Exorcist

This movie has one of the potentially most cursed movie sets of all time with several horrible incidents that took place while filming the movie. Even before the filming started the set of MacNeil house burned down to the ground. The only room left in the set that survived the fire was the room of the possessed girl, Regan.

The crew had to rebuild the set that delayed the movie. Another reason that delayed the filming of the movie was that two cast members lost close family members. The cast members of the movie, Ellen (Regan’s mother) and Linda suffered lifelong injuries while filming.

Linda fractured her lower back bone so the scene where she screams because she was possessed was real as in this scene her back did break and the cast kept on going unknown to the fact.

Some cast members lost a toe, another a thumb and a total of nine deaths occurred while filming the movie. Actor Jack MacGowran was one of them who played Burke Dennings.

On top of all these incidents an extra in the movie, Paul Bateson was convicted of killing a Variety reporter in 1977 making him a serial killer. He was also believed to have killed several other people according to the police but no evidence was found.

The Amityville Horror (2005)

The Amityville Horror remake of 2005 started filming with the help of real-life Kathy Lutz who was involved in the production. Lutz died within the first week of the movie’s filming. Again while filming the boathouse scene a dead body was found floating on the lake.

Melissa, an actor in the movie, experienced a supernatural incident where lights of the recreated set Amityville turned off and on itself. When security checked no trespassers were found in the house.

Maximum Overdrive

While filming the murderous lawnmower scene that comes straight at the camera the director, Stephen King uses a wood plant to adjust the camera to capture the lawnmower. To keep the scene more authentic he insisted on keeping the lawnmower’s blades on that led to a horrible accident.

While coming towards the camera the lawnmower blade goes over the wood plank leading to a splinter going directly into Armando Nannuzzi’s eyes who was the cinematographer of the movie. This led to causing permanent damage to his eyes.

The House Of The Devil

While filming the movie The House of the Devil the cast and crew of the movie stayed in a hotel that was haunted. This inspired the director of the movie, Ti West to film his next horror movie The Innkeepers.

West explains that while staying at the hotel, Yankee Pedlar Inn located in Torrington, Connecticut he experienced strange incidents. These incidents include TV turning on itself, doors closing by itself, unprompted lights burn out frequently and all the movie’s crew members having strange dreams while staying in the hotel.

In fact the inn employees themselves believe the inn to be haunted along with the locals of Torrington.

The Innkeepers

The Innkeepers movie was filmed in the haunted inn that inspired the movie by Ti West. According to the director the vivid strange dreams returned as soon as he returned to the inn, Yankee Pedlar Inn to film the movie.

While filming the movie in the inn, paranormal activities continued. Actress Sara Paxton who starred in the movie waking up at night feeling someone watching her in her room.

While starting the filming of the movie the West chose the Honeymoon Suit of the hotel to film in. The reason for his choice being camera shots and angles being flexible to capture the setting of the movie.

But while wrapping up the movie he learned the Honeymoon Suit being the most haunted room in the inn and where all the spooky incidents started initially. Imagine his horror knowing this specific information.


Let us know what you think about these incidents in the movie sets. Would you like to add any other movies on this list that had similar incidents?

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