People Shares 15 Female-Led Underrated Television Shows That You Must Binge Watch

People Shares 15 Female-Led Underrated Television Shows That You Must Binge Watch

You know days when nothing really works your way instead all seems to go haywire? Yes we all have those bad days and in these days or times one should just get some ice cream, chocolates and all the fries foods available and sit and watch these series and let the day end.

In this article we have listed 15 such female-led shows that people say have lifted their spirits especially when they are down. These shows are so great that people have binged watched them. So this Christmas holiday you can watch these TV shows with family.

Know which these TV shows are in this article.

People Shares 15 Female-Led Television Shows That You Must Binge Watch  

When u/l1zbenn3t asked internet to share ‘female-led underrated TV shows to binge watch this holiday season,’ internet shared their top picks. Here are the 15 female-led shows that people loved binge watching` and says others should watch it too.

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23

Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23  

u/poorcelain comments, “I love this one! It was too ahead of its time I fear.”  Stream this show on Amazon Prime and Apple TV+.


u/allsjsjsbj says, “I love this show, I genuinely watched it three times in a row and got everyone at work to watch it. I need a new season.” u/Same_Independent_393 also commented this show. You can watch this show on Amazon Prime Video.



u/spooky_upstairs says,”It is criminally undermentioned.” While u/Lil_miss_Sunshine08 says, “This was the first that came to my mind when I saw the post, an absolute gem.” You can watch Unreal on Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.



Starstruck another show recommended by u/Otherwise-Solid. u/juhogg1 also recommends this show saying, “This show is amazing! Each season just gets better and better!” you can stream this show on Netflix, BCC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime.

We Are Lady Parts

We Are Lady Parts  

u/TheKnightsTippler says, “It’s a sitcom about a female Muslim punk band.”

u/denialscrane says, “We watched the whole thing in one go. Such a good show!” you can stream this show on Sky and Channel 4.



u/hauntingvacay96 commented ‘Harlots’ adding, “I know a lot of people probably watched it and it’s far from unknown, but I really loved Harlots, especially season one, and nobody in my life seems to have seen it.”

While u/areallifecrisis2 says, “Yes yes yes! I’m so sad they canceled it, that show is amazing!” You can watch Harots on Amazon prime video, Apple TV+, Starz, and Lionsgate+.

Girls 5Eva

Girls 5Eva  

u/motherofpearl89 says,”It’s a theatre nerds dream.” While u/ChaoticLolly says,”I loooove this show! It’s a comedy with such heart.”  You can watch this show on Netflix.

Lipstick Jungle

u/tifbrew said “This show was SO good!!! I wish it had more seasons.”  watch this show on Apple TV+, Amazon Prime and Google Play.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones  

u/d4vros says, “One of the best shows the MCU pretends doesn’t exist.” u/LadyAlexandre comments “Jessica Jones,” as well. You can wat this TV show on Google Play, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime.

The Great

u/not-me-jessie commented, “This show is so brilliant and hilariously written. I typically can’t watch movies or TV from older time periods, but this one killed me,” about The Great.

You can watch The Great on Amazon prime video, Google Play, Starz, Sky and Lionsgate+.

The Bold Type

u/Signmetfup12 says, “It’s not nearly popular enough. No one talks about the show and whenever I’ve brought it up nobody seems to have heard of it. It’s super fun! I always recommend it to people.”You can watch The Bold Type on Amazon prime video, Google Play, Apple TV+ and BBC iPlayer.



u/Craphole-Island says, “Anything that keeps Brenda Song employed is good by me!” While u/SourNnasty comments, “YES!!! I looooove this show, it actually helped me get through a breakup.”

You can stream this show on Hulu.

Some Girls

u/Ok-Palpitation4489 says, “Omg I immediately thought of this show!!! I still copy the kiwi accent the step-mum had in it.” You can watch this show on Amazon Prime Video and Britbox.

Bad Sisters

u/wagonwheelwodie says,”This show was absolutely PERFECT!!!!” about Bad Sisters. While u/keine_fragen says,”This was GREAT. Dark, bleak comedy,” about the show. Watch Bad Sisters on Apple TV+.

Workin’ Moms

Workin’ Moms  

u/not-me-jessie says, “It’s legitimately so funny that I’ve howled.” You can watch this show on Netflix.


Let us know which of these shows you have already watched and if you haven’t watch it you must watch it this holiday season.

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