Crossroads Trading – Review, Feature, And Many More

Crossroads Trading – Review, Feature, And Many More

With the rise in eco-friendly and sustainable clothing, more and more resale and reusable clothes stores are opening. This makes use of donated clothes and repurposes them for resale options. 

One such store is Crossroads trading company, which is located in Berkeley, California. But it spans a number of cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, and also Dallas. 

Exploring Crossroads Trading: What Is It All About? 

Crossroads Trading Outlet

Established in 1991, Crossroads Trading co has been selling, consigning, and buying clothes in a fun-loving environment with a sense of fashion. 

Recognized as the leading company for reselling the fashionable clothing industry, it has received more than 100 awards for being the “Best-Of” in the resale fashion industry. 

Crossroads Trading is known for being sustainable with the current fashion trends and styles. This sentiment is portrayed through their mantra, which is “Sell, Shop, Repeat.”

The mantra basically is to motivate fashion enthusiasts, whose lives revolve around their wardrobes, to give their old clothes a new life that is out of the dumpster. 

Few of their popular locations are 

What We Are Getting From Crossroad Trading?

Here are a few benefits you will be getting from Crossroads Trading as a client. 


If you start trading with Crossroads, one of the benefits you are getting out of it is trade credit, which is available at any of the Crossroads stores. The trade credit payment made by us is 50% of the price set for your clothes. 


After you sell your clothes here, you will get your payment right then and there. The payment paid by Crossroads is 30% of the selling price of your clothes from the store. 

What do They Want From Us?

These are the only a few conditions that are put forward by Crossroads trading that they are asking from clients.


When you are bringing clothes and other accessories here for selling, the number one condition is that they should be clean, odorless, and without any stains. The items should be in excellent condition. 


The clothes and accessories should be current and in trend. These can be something you bought but don’t fit you anymore or something you just don’t wear anymore. 


The condition of the clothes should be great. If a button is missing or the zipper is broken, then the item will not be selected. 

What Does Crossroad Trading Buy?

Crossroad Trading Buying

Crossroads Trading co buys items from vintage clothing to accessories to on-trend items with a contemporary twist, like shoes, clothes, and other accessories. But the condition is that it has to be in great condition. 

Homestead Chic

Homestead chic fashion such as vintage clothing, also modern inspired clothing. And also clothes with beautiful earthy and pastel tones and colors. 

Brands like Anthropologie, Isabel Marant, Wrangler, Levi’s, and also Carhartt portray the homemade vintage chich look of clothes. 

Sporty Chic 

Sporty, outdoorsy chic fashion such as streetwear, tracksuits and chunky sneakers, and preppy suits give out the sporty vibe. 

Brands such as Nike, Kith, Girlfriend Collective, Aritzia, Lululemon, and Everlane give out the sporty vibe. 

Underground Edgy Looks

The edgy underground look is essentially a punk, grungy look with baggy pants, crop tops, and corseted styles of the Victorian era. 

Brands such as Jaded London, Off-White, All Saint, and Urban Outfitters are a few such brands. 

Benefits of working for second-hand fashion

There are a lot of benefits when you are working secondhand; if you are totally new to this industry, then here are a few of the benefits. 

  1. A Discount On A Discount

One of the best benefits for fashion lovers is that they get added discounts on the already discounted secondhand clothes. This is a huge plus point for the employees working for secondhand fashion brands. 

Another added bonus is that if you are working for a brand that sells high-end secondhand products, then you are getting those products for one-third of their actual price. 

  1. Learning About The Latest Styles

If you love fashion but are not always up-to-date with the latest fashion and trends, then through the business, you can easily know all the latest trends in the fashion world. 

You can work with your colleagues to stay on top of all the latest brands and trends. This way, you can help your clients to select the best fashion. 

  1. Working With Fashion People

While working for Crosshand trading company, you can work with similar fashion enthusiast people and learn a lot from each other. With Crossroad trading, you will also be meeting with people who are driven toward sustainable and eco-friendly fashion

  1. Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising is all about planning out a floor design, display, and window displays. So the best place to learn this creative styling is with secondhand fashion brands such as Crossroads trading. 

Here you will be getting a first-hand experience of learning this creative styling with amazing one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing.   

  1. Social Media Marketing

Learning social media marketing is the biggest plus point of working with this type of secondhand fashion brand like Crossroads. Social media is a big platform for these brands, as it helps them to advertise their unique pieces of clothing.

Through the social media handle of Crossroads trading, the audience can easily see the pieces that are arriving at their stores. 

  1. Learning How To Be A Clothing Buyer

It is a dream for most fashion enthusiasts to become fashion buyers at one point in their life. And by learning the tips and tricks of the profession by working for Crossroads trading, you will understand how to price the clothes that are up for resale. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

Now that you know everything about Crossroads Trading Company, here are a few questions that others are asking. 

1. Is Crossroads Or Buffalo Exchange Better? 

Both Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading have the same exchange rate, but the pricing of their clothes is different. Comparing both, Crossroads offers less money for your clothes, unlike Buffalo. 

2. How Many Crossroads Locations Are There? 

There are over 20 store locations of Crossroads Trading across VA and NC. If the in-store experience is not working for you, then you can even try the app as well. 

3. Can You Return Items To Crossroads? 

Yes, you can return items you have bought from Crossroads Trading only if the tags are attached with the items and the return time is only seven days after buying. 

Wrapping Up!

Sustainable shopping and fashion are all the hype right now. So if you get the opportunity to resell the clothes you don’t wear, then you should 100% do that. 

Working for second hand consignment stores such as Crossroads Trading is a great way to keep updated with the latest fashion trends and even work with other fashion lovers. 

So if you find this article helpful, tell me in the comment section which latest fashion trend is too weird for your taste.

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