12 Creepy Doll TV Shows And Movies To Watch After Watching M3GAN  

12 Creepy Doll TV Shows And Movies To Watch After Watching M3GAN  

Did you watch the horror movie M3GAN? Want to watch more such movies then keep reading this article. There are several horror shows and movies with creepy dolls way before M3GAN. In this article we have listed some of these TV shows and movies based on creepy dolls that you can watch.

While dolls and clowns can make us laugh on the flipside they can make us terrified as well especially when they come to life or start killing. Dolls and clowns were creepy for a long time when movies like Poltergeist were released in 1982.

So If you liked M3GAN and want to watch more such horror movies then choose from the listed movies.

12 Creepy Doll TV Shows And Movies To Watch  

Here are some creepy doll movies and TV shows you can watch if you liked watching M3GAN. Halloween is around the corner so why don’t you have a horror movie weekend spree. Here which movie you can start with:


One of the recent horror movies that created quite a buzz especially with jump scares and heart stopping screams in the theaters was Annabelle. Based on the real haunted doll called Raggedy Ann doll locked in a glass box in Ed and Lorraine Warren occult museum.

The movie came out in 2014 based on supernatural events surrounding the vintage doll called Annabelle.

The Boy

The Boy is a horror movie that came out in 2016 on Netflix. The plot revolves around Greta Evans, an American who gets hired as a nanny in the United Kingdom to look after a couple’s child.

Upon her arrival in the Uk she learns that the boy she has to look after is actually a porcelain doll called Brahms. The couple treat the doll as their son and soo stage revelations about the doll are seen throughout the movie.

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is a 2014 horror movie about an evil doll that a little girl gets obsessed with after she and her mother moves into a house.

The doll is left behind by the previous owners of the house that leads to the mother falling into a turmoil of incidents. Looking at the doll in the movie I don’t understand who would want to play with it in the first place.



Saw is a horror movie directed by James Wan in 2004. One of the best horror movies at the time, the story was based on a mysterious Jigsaw Killer. The serial killer tested his victims by playing deadly games of inflicting physical pain to survive the game.

The doll or puppet, Billy was the mouthpiece of the serial killer with a creepy smile that will give you goosebumps.


Poltergeist is a supernatural horror film that was released in 1982 and was based on a story by Steven Spielberg. The movie plot is about a poltergeist ghosts within a clown doll that wreaks havoc in a suburban house and its occupants.

In the movie the youngest daughter of the family gets abducted by the ghosts.

Child’s Play

Child’s Play is a slasher  movie based on the story by Mancini. The movie is the first part among the series released in 1988. The movie is about a doll that is possessed by a serial killer’s soul.

This doll is gifted by a widowed mother to her son unaware of the doll’s possession. This movie became a box office hit earning 44 million against a budget of 9 million in production.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a supernatural horror movie that was written by Leigh Whannell and directed by James Wan. The movie released in 2007 was based on a ventriloquist doll, Billy who was anonymously gifted to the couple Jamie and Lisa Ashen. Lisa Ashen gets killed mysteriously after receiving the doll and her tongue gets chopped up.

Jamie gets sentenced for her murder but he gets released after no evidence is found against him. Set to discover his wife’s death he finds a message in Billy’s Box about “Mary Shaw.” Mary Shaw who was a ventriloquist from his previous home town who was dead.

Puppet Master

Puppet Master is a horror movie about puppets animated with Egyptian spells by a former co-worker against psychics, Kathryn O’Reilly, Paul Le Mat, Irene Miracle, and Matt Roe.The movie was directed by David Schmoeller and Henneth J. Hall and Charles Band wrote it.

The movie featured six haunted dolls, Blade, Khan, Jester, Tunneler, Pinhead and Leech Woman. Creating a creepy doll hype especially because the movie was released a year after Child’s Play.

Dead of Night

Dead of Night is an anthology supernatural horror movie in 1945 by Ealing Studios. This is a British movie directed by Robert Hamer, Charles Crichton, Alberto Cavalcanti and Basil Dearden.

The movie is based on an insane ventriloquist’s dummy who torments the living. The protagonist of the movie Walter Craig, an architect who gets summoned to work in a country house. In this house he meets faces he knows from his recurring dream and these people share their uncanny stories to stage the rest of the movie.

Tourist Trap

Tourist trap is another supernatural slasher movie that was released in 1979. The movie is about a group of young individuals who run into a lonely roadside museum where a serial killer with psychokinetic powers begins to kill them one by one.

Night of the Living Dummy II

Night of the Living Dummy II is a 1996 horror movie directed by Ron Oliver. The movie is based on a ventriloquist dummy named Dennis who is gifted to Amy Kramer by her dad. She is again gifted another ventriloquist dummy named Slappy. Soon in their household supernatural activities start occurring.

Night Gallery is a horror television series that was released in 1970 and ran until 1973. In this TV series was an episode named “The Doll” based on a haunted doll with a creepy look. The doll itself will give you nightmares while rest alone watching the episode.

Now that you read the article, which movie have you previously seen and which you heard for the first time. Also let us know which movies should be added to this list.

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